NeXtime brings you good times.


NeXtime produces innovative, bold and playful Dutch-designed timepieces. We pride ourselves in offering the best integration of design excellence with functionality.

NeXtime offers a broad clock collection covering different price segments with the highest quality standards. We are inspired by interior trends, new technologies and are working with surprising material combinations. We are always adapting to the latest trends and have a passion for design. We make clocks unique but affordable!

Five decades of heritage

NeXtime heritage

NeXtime’s brand heritage dates back to 1970 as a Dutch company that made hand-crafted mechanical clocks. Our dedication to timepiece production makes the brand an industry leader recognized for its numerous trendsetting designs. We also look to bring good times to everyone around the world through expanding into other product categories in the future.

Up to this very day, NeXtime still adheres to the brand’s core values of being passionate, creative, fun, caring, uncompromising on quality and upholding its heritage.

NeXtime clocks are sold in many countries around the Globe. We are proud to be represented in the US exclusively by UNEK Goods.


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