NeXtime Collection
NeXtime has a broad affordable design collection that we split in different segments. Each segment represents a unique design direction! The collection has a diversity of styles, models and sizes and every year we introduce around 40 new models. You can find our full collection in our catalogue.

NeXtime Essentials
The Essentials collection has been developed in collaborations with various designers and represents unique designs in different styles. The collection stands for creativity, surprising combinations, diversity, passion, originality, affordable design & quality. Go to the collection now.

NeXtime Station
The Station collection offers a wide range of station clocks with a unique character. It's not “just an office” clock but a functional clock with style! Go to the collection now.  NeXtime Special Projects
NeXtime is a progressive and innovative company that always have room for special Design projects or special collaborations. Go to the collection now. NeXtime Alarm & Digital
The Alarm & Digital collection represents clear signal functions, different styles and features. We love alarm clocks that wake you up, not keep you up! Go to the collection now.
 About nXt
nXt is part of NeXtime’s brand portfolio with nXt's affordable clock collection.

nXt collection
The nXt collection is about different basic & fun styles, affordable prices, versatile ideas and the highest quality build. Go to the collection now.

Collection Round Tour
At our latest show, Ambiente 2020 Frankfurt, we have made a video about our collection. Come and find out more about our latest collection, best sellers and more...