For optimum life or your NeXtime clock you should adhere to the instructions in the user's manual. The quality of each and every NeXtime clock and your satisfaction are very important to us. If your clock is malfunctions or you have a question about your clock please take a look first at the user manual and our FAQ page. 

Product Manuals - General 

         Product Manuals for specific items

  • Product manual for the Clock stand (suitable for 3998ST, 3998STZW, 3998AR and 3998ARZW): Manual - Clock stand

         Suitable for:  




  • Product manual for the Super Station (3127AR and 3127ST)  Manual - PWAR3127         


  • Product manual for the Big Flip (5198CO, 5198GO and 5198ZI) and 5228 Flip Clock:  Manual - PWAR5198 





Product Manuals for Displays





Product Manuals for Glance Clock