Radio Controlled Movement (PM1T211ADC11)

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Radio Controlled Movement (DCF)
This radio controlled movement will adjust itself automatically to the correct time. So you never have to worry anymore about summer or winter time, the clock will adjust itself. The movement is working with the DCF signal, what means that it is working for most European countries like The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc (CET Time zone). For more information about the DCF signal, please read our blog post. Our radio controlled movements are almost silent, but will make a soft ticking sound. When you buy a NeXtime movement, you know for sure you don't have to worry about the quality. We are using high quality Taiwanese movements that are carefully selected to make sure your clock is always running in time for many years. 

Our movements are delivered with all the parts for an easy and complete assembly. Included with this movement:
• Movement
• Metal hanger - (optional) to put between the movement and the rubber ring. This will make it able to hang your clock.
• Rubber ring - to put between the movement and the clock to equally spread the pressure when you tighten the movement. 
• Washer - to put between the center nut and the clock. To prevent damages. 
• Center nut - to tighten the movement to your clock. 
• Second cap - when you don't use a second hand, this will be put on the second shaft.  

The shaft length for this movement is 12 mm. 

Product specifications:
• Movement type: Radio Controlled Movement
• Shaft length: 12 mm
• Size: 56 x 56.7 x 18 mm
• Battery Type: 1x AA battery, not included
• Warranty: 2 years factory warranty

Our movement is very easy to install or replace. If you follow the steps on our website, everybody can do it!

Here you can find a movie how to install.
But you can also follow below steps:
• Place the hour hand at exactly 12, after that place the minute hand at 12 and if you have a second hand, please also place your second hand at 12. If you have a second cap, you can place it on now. 
• Take the needle from the movement at the backside. 
• Place a battery in the movement. 

Are you not sure if this is the right movement, you can check the following things:

  • Do you already have a NeXtime clock and you are buying a replacement RC movement? Please look at the back of your movement. Do you see the text: Blado DCF? Then this is your correct movement. If your movement movement looks different. Read the below text or contact 
  • Take out the movement from your current clock and look at the shaft length. This movement has a shaft length of 12mm. 
  • To make sure your current clock hands fits the movement, you can measure the hole in your hands (where you attach the hands to the shaft of the movement). The hour hand must have a hole of 4.8 mm and the minute hand of 3,1 mm. (If you have a NeXtime movement that is looking the same, then you know for sure it will fit and you don't have to measure.)

If you want to know how to replace the movement please watch our FAQ movie. 

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